How To Control A Lamp / Light Bulb From Two Places Using Two Way Switches For Staircase Lighting Circuit

As electrical website owner it's my responsibility to write about electrical technology. In this post i am writing about two way light switch diagram Or staircase lighting wiring diagram. Today i design a diagram about staircase wiring diagram or it's lighting diagram. In this type of wiring we control a lamp or light bulb from two places using two way switches. I already published a explanation guide about two way switch and it;s uses, you can find it by using below link.
How to wire 2 way switch?

Why Two Way Light Switch Wiring Is Important In Staircase Circuit

Staircase circuit connection wiring is different form one way control light switch and we did not use one way switches in this connection because we need to controlled or switch off/on the lamp form both places top and down. For that we control lamp form two places using two way switches. In short this connection we use to save energy and to control or switching lamp / light bulb form both places.

How Two Way Control L…

How To Install Water Heaters (Hot water system)

How To Install Water Heaters/Hot Water System(Hws) - Today i am writing about electric water heaters wiring. I am writing about this post because in winter session we use hot and cool both water in our washroom and for other things. For heating water we use geyser and in which we use electric heater elements which heat the water. We use different type of electric heater element regarding voltage and regarding element type. We use water heater thermostat for controlling the water temperature. These thermostat we used for controlling the water heater element.
In this post i am gonna to share with some diagrams which clear your concept about the wiring of water heater geyser.
Electric Water Heaters Wiring With Diagrams Explanation In this post i am gonna to show some diagram form which you can learn how to wire water heater or you will be able to do the connection of water heater thermostat and element. Here i a shown a electric water heater geyser, in which two heater element instill  u…

How To Installing MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) 3 Pole and 4 Pole

How To Installing MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) 3 Pole and 4 Pole - As you know that there are different types of circuit breaker , in those circuit breaker a well known name is mccb which molded case circuit breaker and in this post you will learn about the mccb wiring and initiation. in this post i am gonna to share with you two diagram of mccb in which one is about the wiring of 3 pole mccb circuit breaker and other one is about 4 pole circuit breaker.
By using the the three pole circuit breaker we can control three phase power system and by using the four pole we can control 3 phase 4 wiring system. However i also share diagram about the wiring and instillation of MCB (miniature CB) and you can also read about those diagram and post by using the following links.
How To Install Wire Three Pole And 4 Pole MCCB Circuit Breakers The wiring of mccb and mcb circuit breaker is same, and it's too simple but the difference between in mcb (miniature CB) and mccb is that we can use …

Installing 3 Phase Submersible Pump With DOL Stater

Installing 3 Phase Submersible Pump With DOL Stater - Today I am here to share with you "How To Installing 3 Phase Submersible Pump With DOL Stater". In which I control a three phase submersible pump motor using magnetic contactor. Not only a contactor but also I install the thermal overload relay which will protect the motor form burning in case of over current flow to the circuit. In the diagram I showed the 3 Pole MCCB breaker, magnetic contactor , thermal overload protection relay, and normally open, normally close push button switches. 3 phase submersible pump motor and electric wiring connection. This will be the complete guide of controlling a three phase submersible pump motor using magnetic contactor.
3 Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram Explanation Complete Guide Before I explain the diagram. I want to write about the device and things in this circuit. In Circuit first we use the MCCB breaker. (Module Case Circuit Breaker)
We used a three pole MCCB circuit brea…

How To Install Phase Controller/Phase Failure Relay - Wiring Diagram

How To Install Phase Controller/Phase Failure Relay - Wiring Diagram. When we talk about the 3 phase power wiring or designing or instillation a three phase electrical panel board, the fist and important thing is designing and protection. Phase controller or phase failure (phase sequence) device is protection device which is better for three phase power board or for a 3 phase electrical machine.

A Phase failure is a device which is not too big and not having price but i think without this a three phase electrical main panel or distribution board is incomplete.
In this post we will lighting about Phase failure and it's advantages, in short word we will called phase failure in this post with name of  PF.

Not only we talk about it's working but also we will talk about it's wiring connection and uses in 3 phase electrical panel or distribution board.
What Is Phase Failure Relay Diagram / Phase Controller Device And How It's Work In simple word a PF is a protective device wh…

How to Install a Single Phase Motor With Contactor

How to Install a Single Phase Motor With Contactor - As you know that we use in every place AC motor for different types of work. There are main two types of AC motors which are single phase and 3 phase. The single phase motor are those motor which is working one phase and neutral (ground) supply for doing his duty and a 3 phase motor required 3 phase power source. However we use mostly in our homes and for small work the one phase motor, in this post you will learn about the single phase motor wiring with contactor / motor starter.

As you know that we use cont actors for 3 phase motor for controlling, and we also know the advantages of contectors, so what bad thing if we instill a contactor for single phase motor. Note that we did not use contactor for one phase motor mostly because this connection can be done by a single or double pole breaker.

But There are many benefits of contactor,
E.g example you can easily switch on motor by pressing a small push button switch, you can easily …

How to Install 3-Phase Change Switch For Generator

How to wire and install the manual transfer switch for three phase - As you know that we start form the basic steps. In this post I am writing about 3 phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram or three phase manual transfer switch wiring diagram. As you know that I already published a post and diagram about the manual changeover switch wiring diagram (single phase) with complete installation and wiring connection method.

In Today post I am here to write and share a diagram about the three phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram and it's installation with incoming supply form the main supply, incoming supply form the 3 phase generator and outgoing supply to the three phase load. Note that this diagram is about the manual handle type change over switch and INSHA ALLAH soon I will make a diagram about the rotary type change over switch wiring diagram for single phase, three phases and three phase four wire system.

3 Manual Phase Changeover Switch Wiring Diagram For Generator…

Installing Contactor and Overload Relay For 3 Phase Motor

How To Do Installing Contactor and Overload Relay For 3 Phase Motor - In industrial system we use mostly three phase electric power for electric induction motors. A single phase induction motor can not do work as a 3 phase can done. For 3 phase motor we use some electrical devices for starting, off and resetting, magnetic contactor is one of them that's why today we disuse about contactor wiring with complete explanation. In 3 power system we use some devices between induction motor and supply which are a CB Circuit breaker, MC magnetic cont actor or motor stater, O/L overload relay and NC, NO push button switches for on/off and reset.
How To Do Installing Contactor and Overload Relay For 3 Phase Motor With 3 Pole Circuit Breaker, Overload Relay, NO,NC Push Button Switches In this tutorial post i will tell you about motor contactor wiring and it's diagram. But before we will disuse devises and working.
3 Pole Circuit Breaker CB For 3P power supply we use to 3 pole circuit brea…

Surge protection device (SPD) - Indonesia

Surge protection device (SPD) merupakan alat/perangkat yang dirancang untuk melindungi perangkat listrik dari lonjakan voltase. Pelindung gelombang mencoba membatasi voltase yang dipasok ke perangkat listrik dengan cara memblokir atau membuang voltase yang tidak diinginkan (voltase diatas ambang batas aman) ke ground.
Cara Memasang Surge protection device (SPD) Video cara memasang (instalasi) Surge protection device (SPD).

How To Install Surge Protection Device

How To Install Surge Protection Device - "Surge Protection" is an appliance or device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

How To Install Surge Protection Device? See more on youtube videos below.

#Surge Protection See other electrical guides at Tukang Listrik Batam

Harga Instalasi Listrik Terbaru 2018

Pasaran Harga Instalasi Listrik umum nya akan berbeda berdasrkan daerah masing masing, Harga instalasi listrik jakarta dan harga instalasi listrik  bandung tentu tidak bisa di samakan begitu juga dengan harga instalasi listrik di medan sumatera utara maupun harga instralasi listrik di batam riau.

Patokan harga instalasi listrik di tentukan oleh beberapa faktor yang paling menentukan harga instalasi listrik adalah jenis material instalasi listrik dan bangunan. Sebagai contoh harga instalasi standard yang menggunakan material SNI akan berbeda dengan harga instalasi decor yang menggunakan material special / khusus begitu juga harga instalasi listrik hotel dan harga instalasi rumah. Instalasi listrik kelas perhotelan akan menghabiskan banyak material terutama kabel.
Pasaran Harga Instalasi Iistrik Rumah Per Titik
Harga Pasang Stop Kontak + Material Rp 220.000 (-+)Harga Pasang Lampu Per Titik + Material Rp 170.000 (-+)Harga Pemasangan Kipas Gantung + Material Rp 400.000 (-+)Harga Pasang MCB…

Cara Hack Clear Tamper - Aplikasi Manajemen Clear Tamper

Kegunaan Clear Tamper atau Aplikasi Manajemen Clear Tamper PLN (Persero)

Mempermudah  proses  permohonan  Clear Tamper  oleh  petugas dilapanganMemberikan pelayanan  tepat sasaran gangguan  meter prabayar yang membutuhkan Clear TamperMerekam historis penggunaan Clear Tamper oleh petugas-petugas dilapanganSebagai  rekaman  untuk  mendapatkan  data-data  yang memungkinkan sebagai DLPD Sesuai  dengan  SPLN  D3.  009-1:2010,  Clear Tamper digunakan  untuk  mereset  meter  dan menghilangkan  kata periksa  pada  meter  prabayar. Kata  periksa  pada  meter prabayar muncul karena:
Pembukaan  tutup  terminal  dalam  keadaan berbalikteganganPembukaan  tutup  terminal  dalam  keadaan  tidak berteganganPengawatan terbalikSirkit arus dihubung singkatInjeksi arus pada kawat phasa atau netral Beberapa waktu lalu ada teman komunitas tukang listrik yang meminta Aplikasi Manajemen Clear Tamper. Belau mengaku Membutuhkan Aplikasi Manajemen Clear Tamper. Perlu di ketahui Clear Tamper hanya di peruntukkan k…

Belajar Listrik 3 Phase/380V

Apa yang di,maksud 3 phase/380V dalam ilmu perlistrikan.?


Yang dimaksud 3 phase/380 V dalam ilmu pelistrikan tegangan listrik adalah tegangan listrik AC sebesar 380 V, yang mempunyai 3 phase tegangan. Sebut saja , tegangan phase 1 = R, tegangan phase 2 = S dan tegangan phase 3 = T

Tegangan sebesar 380 V tersebut adalah beda tegangan antar phase, baik tegangan R terhadap tegangan S, tegangan S terhadap tegangan T maupun tegangan R terhadap T. Jika tegangan R, S maupun T diukur dengan Volt meter terhadap 0, maka beda tegangan nya adalah 220 V.

Mengapa tegangan antar phase sebesar 380 V, penjelasan adalah sebagai berikut:

Tegangan AC (Alternating Current) bisa digambarkan sebagai gamabar grafik sinusoidal/ fungssi sinus tegangan V terhadap waktu t ( detik ).
Fungsi tegangan terhadap waktu adalah ; V = Vmax sin Wt, W dibaca omega , dimana W = 2. pi. f ,
f : adalah frekuensi tegangan AC
Satu perioda gelombang sinusoidal adalah 1 panjang gelombang yang terdiri dari 2 amplitudo atau fun…

Belajar Listrik Online - Electric Trick

Belajar Listrik Online - Electrical adalah salah satu ilmu yang wajib dikuasai oleh setiap orang. Melatih kemampuan Individu dan "Melatih keterampilan di bidang Electric (Listrik)" sebagai modal dasar mengembangkan diri. Dunia kita sekarang Tidak Lepas dari yang namanya Technology. Secara Otomatic dunia juga memiliki keterikatan yang erat dengan dunia Electrikal. Panduan Dasar dasar dasar Electrikal Yang tersaji Di situs Electric-Trick Merupakan "Dasar dasar Ilmu Listrik" yang patut untuk di kuasai. Selain untuk bekal ketat nya persaingan untuk mendapat kan peluang Kerja, Keterampilan Electrikal Juga Dapat di gunakan tanpa harus bekerja di perusahaan perusahaan Besar (Engineering).

Ketergantungan masyarakat kepada Listrik (Electric) seharusnya bisa membuka peluang baru bagi setiap individu yang bijak. melebarkan sayap dan keterampilan tambahan demi meraih peluang hidup. Langsung saja di bawah ini adalah "Panduan Instalasi Listrik Lengkap"
Lihat Panduan Das…